How to Copy a Site template without COPY the site? (JSON?)

In Elementor (sorry About comparison, but this is my benchmark) is possible to export a JSON file and import this file in another WordPress installation and VOILÁ: the site is copied like magic…
I have tried to do the same thing in Dorik and… You are trying to import a wrong site!

How can I export a site to another Dorik account or site, whitout simple COPY the site?

What worked for me: I exported the JSON of the site.
Then created a new site with the same structure but empty pages.
Edited the JSON and changed the IDs (site ID, page IDs) to the IDs of the newly created empty site.
Imported the JSON into the new site.

You can open theis URL directly and import the JSON then press save. :slight_smile:

We are working on another way to import JSON.

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Works perfectly for me!