Starter member - without html export feature , not feasible to put a prod site up

i like the product , have paid for ‘starter’ and am considering moving a prod site over to dorik.

However, before moving I would need to assure myself that im not locked in - vendor wise.
Without ‘Export to Html’ feature, IMO the Starter product isn’t viable . Its more like a roach motel .

So , if i ever want to be able to leave, it looks like the only product is the full price offer at $60 annual.

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We kept the export HTML/CSS on the highest plan because of the value it provides. Like anyone can build 10-15 websites for clients and export it.

As we are offering 13 templates and 120+ blocks. Similar HTML/CSS templates/UI kits are priced in a similar price range. We the pricing for export with these in mind. :slight_smile:

Also, Our upgrade price is pro-rata. So if you have already paid for “Starter” you don’t have to pay $60 for an upgrade now. The price for your remaining subscription plan will be adjusted to the update. :slight_smile:

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