Template Requests

Hello Everyone!

As we are planning to add more templates. It will be great if we can understand what type of templates we should focus on. So I’m opening this topic. Request any template in the following format.

Template category:
Favorite examples:
{ Any other details }


Template Category: SaaS
Favorite examples: invisionapp.com, mailchimp.com
I love the design of the Invision website.

I think

Professional profile sites.


A place to share educational research

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Can you share some of the examples you like?

an easy example of storefront. (it’s mine, took 2 mintues, and itsn’t super pretty.


the other 2, can be accomplished with the current system. Or if i had a different idea at the time, i cant remember it now. sorry! and thank you for having such an awesome system!


Our Airtable integration will allow building site like this. :slight_smile:

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Template category: Business
Favorite examples:

I would like to see professional website template which will be available to use to make business landing page (or whole site in future) like law firm, car mechanic, real estate, course website etc. They are distinguished by sharp shapes and pale colors, in particular blue.

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Nice examples! These are well done!