Window init for AOS css classes - "init({ disable: "mobile"

why is mobile being disabled? working with templates using AOS im seeing unpredictable animation on mobile browsers. I do not see anywhere that i can control that in the frontend tool? Something in the build is changing what gets deployed to “index.html”.

To repeat bug:
clone skeleton 3 ( it contains AOS classes in css )

make some minor changes to text labels and to image contents also rearrainge the layouts slightly.

publish / push the project and check it at the public URL.

result: last statements in index file disable AOS on mobile ( see below )
So "animate on scroll not working on mobile browsers
NOTE - native template scroll / animation on mobile is fine and there is NOT a disable property in the AOS.init()

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Hi @rowntreerob

We have recently disabled the animation on mobile. AOS has some bugs and performance issues in mobile. So we disabled it for now on mobile. It’s working on some templates demo because it’s still has the old AOS config. I will update them soon. :slight_smile:

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